The Fountain Boxed Set: Flash Back, Second Nature, and Being Human

by Ellison Blackburn

Charley is experiencing a mid-life crisis. On the verge of depression and bored with her life, she would risk a lot for a tiny glimmer of hope. Then it comes—a biotech breakthrough could bring long since buried dreams within her grasp again.

Two hundred years later, life regression has become a way of life and no one better than Emery Kidd, a community Chronicler, knows the details of a society dramatically changed since it first began. She also knows why the population of the planet has dwindled in that time and how history tends to itself.

Then, Emery’s perfect if not mundane life changes when she once again encounters Serafina Strong, a former Mediator. Infuriating as she may be, Sera is also likely the heroine of all regenkind. For only she can see the future.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering