The Forgotten Kingdom

by Nicole Ciacchella

With her dying breath, Morgan’s mother cast a desperate spell to save her son, wiping their kingdom’s existence from memory. Morgan has been paying the price ever since, struggling to free his people from an obscurity he despairs of ever escaping.

Princess Caya has spent the last decade in isolation, watching her realm fall deeply under Duke Arnost’s sway. When her father dies, she faces the impossible task of returning to court and finding a way to prove Arnost is a danger to the kingdom.

On the eve of her return, Morgan abducts her in the hopes of persuading her to help him bring Arnost to justice. Yet how can he hope to convince someone who has no memory of him and the friendship they once shared?

But Caya does remember him. And though an alliance may be just what she needs to save both their kingdoms, how can she trust Morgan doesn’t intend to use her for his own ends?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic