The Forgotten Gods

by Jeff Pantanella

The Abyss and Seven Heavens are preoccupied with internal war and rebellion, defense of the Mortal Realm falls to the Ever Hero, a broken and reclusive man.

Kasai must rediscover his power, tapping once more into the elusive Boundless if he is to stop cosmic vampires from draining the world dry. The Ever Hero must rise once more, or all is lost.

Enter Cyrus Wraith, a mysterious Master Monk of Lost Symmetu, who promises to guide the famed Ever Hero back to the elusive Boundless and help him rebuild the Four Orders of Aetenos. But Cyrus has a hidden agenda, and his obsession with the ancient staff, Ninziz-zida, quickly becomes problematic.

Kasai must rekindle the fire in his soul but in the process, starts down a path that will force him to do the unthinkable to the one person he holds most dear or watch helplessly as the Three Worlds are consumed, literally.

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Category: Dark Fantasy