The Five Shields: The Prophecy

by Ilan Dvir

After being guarded by the Order of Light, the map to the Grail of Fate falls into the hands of Darco, sovereign of all evil. He knows of the prophecy about the unborn Destined One – who is meant to put an end to his reign – and he must get his hands on the Grail of Fate to prevent that from happening.
On the day of the Five Shields’ 14th birthday, they discover the World Beyond yet again, and are sent by Melvyn, leader of the Forces of Light, to train ahead of their most important mission – to reach the Grail of Fate and destroy it.
As the powers within the Five increase, personal agendas threaten the balance of the World Beyond, making the mission more challenging than ever before.
An unexpected betrayal forces them to pay a heavy price – All to defend the prophecy which is to save the Forces of Light from the invasion of Darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age