The First Fall

by Daniel Willcocks

The sky is bleeding. The storm has come.

A crimson rift washes over the isolated Alaskan town of Denridge Hills, staining the Aurora Borealis the color of blood. To some, an unlikely occurrence. To those in the know, a sign of dark magic at play. When the storm has completed its devastation, who will be left standing?

A social media mogul holds the fate of her ex-lover in her hands. A high school student finds himself miles from home, his constitution and willpower put to the test. A researcher searches for his nephew, his knowledge of the town’s local history the only lead toward ending the madness.

When the world shrinks around you, the monsters come, and all that’s left is an unbending will to survive, who will emerge as the true heroes, and who will be marked as the villains?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic