The Fine Owl Solution

by C. Ryan Carlson

Cats don’t kill presidents. CONSPIRACIES do.

At first sight, Minus Allswell could very well be the most paranoid individual you could possibly meet. And rightfully so. This pale-orange tabby knows that some at the CIA want the president dead, he’s a member of the conspiracy—but one that wants no part of it.

He’s spent the better part of the last two years embedded at the Dallas County Library, stocking shelves and filling orders. Waiting. And now, with only one week to go before the balloon goes up, he has yet to unravel the plot; to bring to justice the ghouls responsible.

Just one more week…

And he’s in the dark. With not only the president’s life, but the fate of the free world resting in his paws, he’s forced to contend with his handler, a CIA squirrel that seems to be equal parts alcohol, and masochist; an altruistic bobcat, with his “book to change the world”; and, perhaps the key to it all, the gifted Federal Investigations Bureau agent—a housecat raised by the Owl.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History