The Feedback Loop

by Harmon Cooper

Quantum Hughes is the sort of guy who doesn’t back down from a fight.

Trapped in an online VR world with a limitless inventory list, Quantum lives his days on repeat, fighting the same killer NPCs and hashing out the same gritty story lines again and again.

Then he receives a message from an actual human player, his first message from a real person in two years, which sparks an epic adventure across multiple online fantasy worlds.

But everything isn’t fun and games for Quantum Hughes.

Suddenly he’s being hunted by a murder guild known as the Reapers; suddenly he’s no longer the toughest guy on the block; suddenly, his real world body is no longer safe.

LitRPG action, humorous cyberpunk musings, and fantasy settings combine in this ground-breaking sci-fi series. Get started on The Feedback Loop today, and join in the adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk