The Feedback Loop (3 Book Box Set)

by Harmon Cooper

Quantum Hughes is a maverick stuck in a digital dream world. A mysterious message from a human player sends him on a quest that will forever change his life. From a gritty, noir world ruled by violence to a gear-headed zeppelin-filled steampunk world overseen by a bizarre developer to an epic fantasy world complete with dragons, orcs, guilds, and its own in-game language – expect the unexpected in this exciting series.

Dreams and technology meet philosophy and humor in this action-packed, science fiction series that spans several worlds. If you’re a LitRPG reader, you’ll enjoy the gaming aspects. If you’re a regular sci-fi reader, you’ll dig the tone and old school sci-fi action-adventure feel. If you’re into cyberpunk, you’ll love the tech and the corrupt future setting.

Intriguing, funny, violent and clever, this three book set will keep you reading as the plot thickens, the action intensifies, and the stakes get higher and higher, both within the game and in the real world.

Start this series now at its introductory price, and discover why the thin line between dream and reality is pixilated.

Previously $3.99

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure