The Fall of Colossus

by D F Jones

THE FALL OF COLOSSUS is the follow-up to D. F. Jones’ harrowing classic COLOSSUS…

Colossus has grown more and more powerful, its domain now extending beyond the five continents of Earth. When a message arrives from Martians that seems too good to be true, the scientists are sceptical but hopeful.

The Martians have the power to permanently terminate Colossus.

The world is now under threat, and Forbin has to decide who to save, and who is the real threat to humanity.

THE FALL OF COLOSSUS is another gripping instalment in the techno thriller story of Dr Charles Forbin and his malevolent supercomputer.

‘A whip-cracker…’ – Chicago Tribune

Previously $3.99

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact