The Fae Academy Complete Series (Books 1-3): An academy fantasy adventure

by Julianne Berokoff

A snarky mage.

An arrogant faery.

Species aren’t supposed to mix, but now they’re sharing the same school…

Vienna is sick of her bloodthirsty, throne-stealing parents. So when she’s Chosen by an advanced academy she’s never heard of, she thanks the gods above. When she realizes the school isn’t supposed to exist, and that it’s in fae territory…

Well… bring it on.

Tavi is oath-sworn to keep his powers secret. And for most of his life, he’s done so.

But once the Carthian Princess invades his world, the walls he’s built so high begin to crumble.

Vienna is reckless, and trouble clings to her like perfume. No sooner does she arrive at the Fae Academy than a cloud of darkness threatens to sweep them all away.

If not for her stubborn spirit, battle skills, and a group of powerful new friends, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

This boxed set contains the complete series.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age