The Eternal Muse: The Gatekeeper’s Way (A Prequel to the Eternal Muse Trilogy): Alaria’s Story

by Rick Waugh

A young woman battles to become a Gatekeeper, a warrior-priestess. Others would steal that honor, using any means to crush her and take the prize for themselves.

Alaria is a gifted warrior, trained as a fighter since birth. Her skill is enhanced by hearing the voices of the One, allowing her to sense the emotions of those she battles. Such is her prowess she’s invited to go to Gatekeeper training, a competition of the finest fighters.

Not everyone is pleased she’s there. Only the victor will join the order; some competitors care nothing about faith but will do anything to triumph and gain the prestige and political power for themselves and their family.

Does Alaria, master fighter, possess the willpower and skill to battle past foul tricks and lies to achieve her dream?

The Eternal Muse: The Gatekeeper’s Way, is a prequel novella to the Trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic