The Eternal Muse: Desecration

by Rick Waugh

His music triggers forbidden magic. His church doesn’t know…yet.

Piper is a minstrel whose music incites magic that affects listeners’ emotions. He lives in fear of being charged with heresy; he’s seen the church use the same power to punish offenders, crushing their ability to feel emotion.

His problems have already cost him his musical partner and lover, along with his growing career as a minstrel; worse, he’s become entangled in the politics of the capital, attracting the scrutiny of the priests. Terrified they’ll turn him into a mindless, unfeeling beast, he runs.

Can he discover the truth about the magical muse running through him, that destroys every good thing in his life? Can he learn to control the magic, to battle the church, and slice through centuries of their lies? Or will he end up as the priests’ latest victim, all ability to feel hope, love, or hate ripped from his mind?

The Eternal Muse: Desecration is the First book in the Eternal Muse trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic