The Etera Chronicles Box Set

by Leigh Roberts

Descendants of the Ancients, the People have lived in peace for countless generations, hidden from the Outsiders—heartless and destructive humans who are unaware of the People’s secluded communities. The story of their past lost except to a select few, not much more than a warning survived: one that foretold the descent of a time of trial to come, the Wrak-Ayya. The Age of Shadows.

The People sought only to live in peace and harmony honoring the will of the Great Spirit. But their existence is thrown into jeopardy when a young Healer violates sacred law and rescues a helpless Outsider infant. Will her compassionate act cause the fall of the Age of Shadows?

This boxed set contains the first five books of Series One of The Etera Chronicles; Wrak-Ayya The Age of Shadows by Leigh Roberts

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Category: Fantasy – Epic