The Ephialtes Shorts Collection

by Gavin E Parker

The Ephialtes Trilogy chronicles the conflict between Earth and Mars, triggered by Mars’ secession from the USAN in the aftermath of World War IV. The stories of The Ephialtes Shorts Collection make up the connective tissue between books one and two of the trilogy. The collection comprises all four previously released shorts together with the exclusive Ephialtes Short V: Why Am I So Clever?

The Ephialtes Shorts look back to the first book of the trilogy and forward to the second, exploring characters and events from each in new and unexpected ways. Does the ghost of a lost commander really roam the Martian outlands? How would it feel to be a patriotic young American coming to realize it may be necessary to reassess your core values? As a trooper injured at the Battle of Allentown Spaceport, how would you cope with your rehabilitation? And just why is Kostovich so damned clever?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization