The Elitist Supremacy

by Niranjan K

Alexander Selwood is hiding many secrets. Being the first immortal is only one of them. He is also hunted by the despotic ruler of Cynfor, Cesar Thaxter -the man ruling the galaxy for centuries.

Unknown to Alexander, the group of rebels who had been fighting Thaxter in secret is also seeking to use his company to build a safe haven. He would do anything to keep himself from falling into the clutches of either the Resistance or the Supreme Ruler. When the consequences of his actions cascade into a torrent of events that threatens to engulf him and everyone he cares for in danger, Alexander can’t sit on the sidelines any longer.

Having stayed out of the conflict for this long, he has to make a choice, but can he handle the repercussions of that decision?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Rise of the Resistance

by Niranjan K

As Nolan becomes an unwilling spy, the State strikes, leaving the Resistance reeling. Casualties mount and Alexander is drawn further into the fold as he learns that the leak may have come from Nolan. When an unexpected person threatens Niek’s safety, Alexander has to force Lucas to accept that the time for secrets is past.

The Resistance needs a new foothold, and Nolan needs to make amends, but can Alexander risk Thaxter finding out his true allegiances in his attempts to help? How long can he keep up the game before he’s forced into hiding again? The time for hard choices has come, but the clock is running out for all of them in this second book of The Elite and the Rogue Series.

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