The Dragonspawn Trilogy

by Ava Richardson

Enjoy over 1,200 pages in this action-packed dragon fantasy box set!

Freedom always has a price.

The world of the Creator Goddess has darkened as growing evil threatens the people she so lovingly shaped long ago. In a quest to take her place as ruler of the cosmos, the Spirit King’s forces ravage the kingdoms of Pothena. Only the dragon-riding Rebellion stands between him and victory.

Seventeen-year-old Desiree Black has one goal—to discover the truth about what happened to her illustrious parents. Swept up in the Rebellion against the Spirit King, Dez quickly moves through the dragon rider ranks while seeking to harness the explosive and unpredictable magical power she possesses—and has always feared—in order to protect her loved ones.

But victory against the Spirit King will never be achieved without sacrifice. Especially when deception lurks around every corner.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic