The Dragon Whisperer

by Lucinda Hare

In a medieval warring world of magic & mayhem only 11 old Quenelda can talk to dragons, bonding with Two Gulps & You’re Gone, a dangerous sabretooth battledragon. A headstrong heroine who chooses dragons over dresses, battles over boys & dreams of joining her father as an Imperial Black Dragon Lord to fight in the Stealth Dragon Services against the hobgoblins, Quenelda is lonely. Root’s father dies saving the III Howling Glen regiment & Quenelda’s father, Commander of the SDS promotes Root to be his daughter’s esquire. Root is petrified of dragons, a lethal assortment of talons, teeth & tails so this is the last thing he needs. But an unexpected friendship is forged & when her father is betrayed, Quenelda & Root are the only ones who can save him. Soaring magic combines with the power of friendship and family to battle treachery and forbidden maelstrom magic at the Winter jousts.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Flight to Dragon Isle

by Lucinda Hare

Quenelda and Root finally set foot on Dragon Isle, ancient fortress home of the SDS. The Queen welcomes them to Court & decrees all young ladies become better acquainted with dragons, causing outrage to her half brother & his betrothed, Armelia. Darcy takes his brutal revenge and Quenelda lies in a coma. The SDS are betrayed at the Battle of the Westering Isles & are destroyed by the WarLock and his hobgoblins, yet none know of his treachery save Quenelda. As the SDS and Dragon Isle’s power wanes so the Grand Master’s grows, and he is given leave to form an army and breed Imperial Black battledragons by the Sorcerers Guild. Now Lord Protector, the Lord Hugo Mandrake claims the Queen’s hand in marriage. Tangnost flees with Quenelda to the sanctuary of Dragon Isle. The Earl’s daughter awakes as a Dragon Whisperer to find her world changed beyond recognition.

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