The Dragon Wakes

by Sarah Dalton

A world built on the tales of dragon kings. Powerful brothers at war. An orphan girl sold as a bride.

Long ago, the Kingdom of Estala was a place of dragons and sorcerers. But now sorcery is outlawed by the capricious king, and those who wield it are hunted down by the fanatical Order of Insight.

Two young heroes find themselves unwillingly thrown into the center of these uncertain times. Prince Luca, King Davead’s second son, finds himself at the heart of a magical power. If he fails to control those powers, he could be put to death by his own father.

Reva Avalon grew up believing she would marry her childhood friend, Prince Luca. But after she is orphaned in the Menti uprising, the King of Estala sells her to his most feared general instead. Young and frightened, but still strong-willed, Reva must survive a harsh new life away from the palace.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery