The Dragon Seller

by F.G. Ferrario

In a future where dragons are real and live in our homes as pets, a young dragon breeder finds the egg of a unique species and tries to raise it.

Like one of the famous tv commercials says: “Thanks to advancements in genetic engineering, Dragons are finally out of myth, and in your local pet stores!”
But they are still monsters, and Jack Ports knows this very well.
Dumped by his fiancee before the wedding and short on cash, Jack just wants to put his life back together, but after a colleague mysteriously disappears, he finds himself with a dragon egg of unknown origins.
Set on raising it in his Flight Garden, Jack discovers that the egg contains a Primus, the First Dragon of a new species, whose genes hide a secret that many men are looking for.

And some are willing to kill to have it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure