The Dragon Ring

by C. Craig Coleman

This coming of age, epic fantasy occurs at the twilight of primal beings and the emergence of man.
The reigning queen has recently ascended the throne at the insistence of the nobility who forced her corrupt brother to abdicate. The former queen, a soulless upstart, ruthlessly schemed to attain power. The sudden loss of status has unhinged her. She’s resorted to witchcraft to destroy the royal family. Young Prince Saxthor, the second son is caught in the middle.
The unexpected discovery of Saxthor’s unique powers that can one day stop a looming war threatens the witch. She attempts to kill the boy shattering his carefree world forcing him to flee into exile.
Can Saxthor survive his pursuers’ attacks? Will he overcome his own doubts and rebuild lost confidence? Will his character develop enough to ultimately face his worst fear?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic