The Diplomat and Desperado Stories

by PanOrpheus

The Diplomat and Desperado…who are they and what do they represent? They live in a world that you are about to enter. You’ll find that The Diplomat has mental and physical issues that change and morph into and out of each other as each story progresses and reveals more. The Desperado has been in the Military for six years and has been trained as a sharpshooter, working with a General Payton. She has some issues with what she’s done in the Military. ‘Despry’ is an expert in the use of all kinds of weaponry. As she puts it ‘When they’re needed, trash cans full of weaponry follow me wherever I go’. Noirtown, their home is a place where day and night, black and white are separated by countless shades of grey. Except, of course, for their naturally streaked blue hair. But dreadful things happen to them if they exceed a 48 hour time limit away from Noirtown.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk