The Devolution of Adam and Eve (TIO Book 2): The Extinction of Humanity is Minutes Away

by Mit Sandru

A Pandemic unlike any other seen before infects Humanity. The unknown virus does not kill, but it genetically mutates the Human’s minds to that of Apes. The humankind is on the brink of extinction.

The World governments impose a global quarantine, while agencies like WHO, CDC, and NIH, among others, scramble to identify the pathogen and develop an antidote. But the pathogen cannot be identified. It is not like Ebola, SARS, or Covid19, and its origin is unknown. It doesn’t spread through human contact, but through an energy field. What is this virus and where does it come from?

The scientists have exhausted all the possibilities. Claire, Prescott, and Travis, the members of the Capuchin Trinity Team, are assigned to use their paranormal ability to identify this mysterious virus. What they discover is beyond belief. This virus has made us smart once, but now it degenerates our brains into that of apes. Is this a natural occurring plague, a man-made virus, or something from another realm?

Will the Capuchin Trinity Team find the answer before it’s too late and all humans become apes?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban