The Desert Sequence

by Dawn Chapman

Maddie is the NPC with attitude!

Plagued by old injuries that won’t heal, she’s enticed into accepting a deadly escort mission.

Of course, it’s to cross the damned desert… and in the middle of Tromoal breeding season, no less. But the lure of enough cash to fix herself up and help out a close friend, too…? That’s a siren’s song she can’t ignore.

Puatera Online is a harsh world, even for the people who have to live there.

Good thing Maddie is tougher than cured leather, because she may have just bitten off more than she can chew.

CONTAINS ALL 3 BOOKS of The Desert Sequence: Desert Runner, Desert Born, and Desert Storm.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Akillia’s Reign

by Dawn Chapman

Taking the day off work to surprise, Andy, with a ticket to the hottest fantasy VRMMORPG. Emma returns home to find him, *cough* with her sister. Throwing them both out, Emma sits slugging back the wine they’d just shared. Drunk and devastated she almost blows his gift, but watching the adverts for the amazing fantasy world depicting monster’s mayhem and adventure. Emma keys in her name and details – Akillia-F-22 and decides to take on Puatera Online.

Previously $2.99