Sharp Steel

by William Alan Webb

A young prince rejects the destiny chosen by his father, and must find his own fortune in a world where vampires don’t suck blood, were-bears don’t shift their shapes and dragons hate being called dragons.

Winner of the Darrell Award, the world of Reven comes to life in this classic style narrative of sharp steel and high adventure.

Alden Havenwulf and Dexter Reedman fight their way from the high peaks of northern Corland, through a subterranean tunnel to the lost of Valley of Askandria. What good is a sword when the Queen of Death and Darkness unleashes her fury? And the clever, non-stop action of A Night at the Quay is both tragic and funny.

As reviewers have said, Sharp Steel is “full of action and well crafted. The author created a wonderful world and filled it with believable characters.”

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery