The Defiant Duchess

by Kari August

When King Richard III must contend with his unruly sister Margaret, he can only groan for she is clever, opinionated, and willful. She has always preferred explanations and reasoning to merely obeying commands.

But Margaret, now the Duchess of Burgundy, has an important quest. She has recently found that her acts of charity and good intentions have not received the recognition they deserve, and she is determined to reshape her legacy. If along the way, she can experience some genuine romance—something her tyrant of a husband could never provide—all the better. Or so she assumes, until she meets Charlie, the most exasperating of men.

Little does she expect to spend days on end with just him for company.

The Defiant Duchess is royally engaging, fantasy historical fiction about an incredible woman and her pursuit of fulfillment.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical