The Decemites

by Ramona Finn

Welcome to Echelon, a domed city that protects the survivors of a ravaged Earth. Here, the wealthy elite live in Sky, high above the poor dwellers of Dirt. And Dirt children known as Decimites are injected with nanobots, allowing them to survive in a world ravaged by toxins and violent mutants. Forced to gather resources from Outside, their enhancements grant them a chance for a better life.

But few live long enough to enjoy it…

Dirt Dweller Myla wasn’t chosen to be a Decemite. But she still carries the nanobots in her blood—a secret she has revealed only to a chosen few. When Myla’s young sister disappears after her first mission Outside, Myla must leave the safety of her dome to find her.

Lock, a Decimite champion, joins Myla on her journey. But as they venture across the perilous wasteland, they meet Ben, a human living beyond the dome….

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian