The Darkslayer: Wrath of the Royals

by Craig Halloran

On a volatile, savage world, there is one who is unknowingly charged with maintaining the delicate balance between light and darkness: the warrior Venir, the Darkslayer. Girded with the mantle of power called the Armament, Venir hunts down the insidious race of underlings that will stop at nothing to dominate humanity.

When Venir and his thief companion, Melegal, lock horns with entitled Royals during an innocent night of carousing in the City of Bone they are forced to flee or die in the dungeons. The troublesome pair seek refuge in the harsh Outlands where monsters, dwarfs, gnolls, and ogres dwell. Lying in wait, two powerful underling wizards have set a trap to destroy the scourge of their kind once and for all.

With his enemies closing in from all directions, The Darkslayer and his companions have no choice but to fight.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Darkslayer: Blades in the Night

by Craig Halloran

After a brutal trip through the Outlands, the brash warrior Venir, aka the Darkslayer, returns to the City of Bone. He quickly has his hands full looking out for his young friends Lefty and Georgio, while also trying to score some easy coin with his old ally Melegal the thief. Along the way, Venir faces threats from the Royal houses of Bone, man-urchins, Shadow Sentries, and two dark figures that he’d left for dead once before.

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