The Dark of Light

by Audrey Sharpe

Save a planet. Sacrifice your future.

For Aurora Hawke, protecting the secret of her half-human heritage has been a lifelong challenge. Taking command of her own starship and the best crew in the quadrant has been her dream. Failing at both is her nightmare.

But the survival of a planet may depend on it.

With millions of lives at risk, she’ll do whatever it takes, even if revealing her unique abilities means spending the rest of her life on the run.

If you like pulse-pounding interstellar adventures, intriguing alien encounters, and otherworldly starships, you’ll love The Dark of Light. Perfect for fans of Star Trek Voyager and The Next Generation. Pick up your copy today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

The Chains of Freedom

by Audrey Sharpe

Not all cages have bars.

For Captain Aurora Hawke, becoming the de facto leader of an entire race wasn’t part of her plan. Neither was lying to the Galactic Council. Or hiding three hundred refugees on a forbidden planet.

But she’s not about to back down.

Sworn to secrecy, she must use every resource at her disposal to keep one step ahead of a vengeful enemy. She just never expected the threat to become personal…

If you like galactic intrigue, exotic alien worlds, and gripping space battles, you’ll love The Chains of Freedom.

Previously $3.99