The Dark Levy

by Alaric Longward

Odin’s and Hel’s war tore the Nine Worlds apart

Now, an evil creature is close to rekindling the strife

The fates of very special party of humans are in the hands of an ancient monster. Using their unusual powers, coaching them to be weapons, and seeking a unique, special human this monster finally discovers the one human she has sought for thousands of years.


Shannon can change the fate of Aldheim, the elven world of Freyr, and the ancient monster demands Shannon serves in this goal in exchange for her sister’s life, for their eventual freedom and for glory. Yet, for Shannon, the courage to defy her captor is born of the one thing she never had before.


Will Shannon find her way in the webs of deceit, or shall she be forced into servitude to a being, whose quest will lay low nations and perhaps even worlds?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic