The Dark Citadel

by Peter Servidio

Year of the Lepper, 746 – 3rd Cycle of the Dragon

Every couple of thousand years the Dark Citadel rises in the East, within the Endless Ruins looking to bring darkness and evil to the world of Capris. Every couple of thousand years, the races of Capris are charged with fighting back the darkness or succumbing to its eternal death.

In the year of the Lepper, it is no different. Four maybe heroes are called into service of the kingdom to ensure the Dark Citadel is once again vanquished.

One, a human past his prime. One, an energy mage of the Engeli (humans who are attuned to plant’s core). One, the princess of the Chow’lea (a race of human/feline archers). And one, a young healer of the Forgehide.

Can these four unlikely heroes, chosen by the Archmage Folis himself, overcome undeniable odds and save Capris from its destruction, as the heroes before them have done?

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Category: Fantasy – Classics