The Curse of Wayward Forest: Will the curse get you next, and if so, will you save yourself and your town in time?

by Deirdre Stokes

Beware the curse of the white oaks…

Born of Native American heritage, Dawn Young learns that the supernatural is real and her family plays a big part in dealing with the things that go bump in the night. She’s a friendly green witch and things are fantastic… until she learns of the curse of the White Oak Trees.

Yes, her hometown is cursed.

When she discovers that she is the curse’s next target, only she can save both herself and her town! But Dawn doesn’t want to be the chosen one—she just wants to do ordinary teenage girl things like hanging out with her friends and photographing nature. With the help of her supernatural family, though, she might just stand a chance if everyone works together.

As time runs out for the curse to exact its toll, will she find a way to end the cycle for good or will she become its next victim?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales