The Curious Case of the Village in the Moonlight

by Steve Wiley

Vincent Van Gogh watched as the first stars of what would become The Starry Night blinked to life over the sleepy village of Saint-Rémy.

In that village lived a lamplighter. That notorious starry night would be his last one on the job. The town was scheduled to be wired with a new and innovative technology called ‘electricity’ the following day. The lamplighter began his last night of work at the village tavern during green hour — an absinthe-drenched celebration in his honor. Green hour would transform the night from familiar to fantastical, with the village street lamps mysteriously vanishing. The lamplighter finds himself swept away on a wonderfully strange adventure to find and light the lost lamps, one that will take him from the depths of wish-filled rivers to the heights of the star-filled sky.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History