The Crippled King

by A. Trae McMaken

The life of a dwarven prospector is one of shame, loneliness, and a constant battle for survival. Striking it rich is the only way for Naen to keep his bones from bleaching in the sun without heritage or memory. When riches finally fall into his hands, he encounters a group of indentured servants fleeing from a vengeful master. A dwarf-maid named Jade leads the refugees, but she has her own desires for her future and they don’t seem to include Naen. Yet in the face of the brutal wilderness, they need help to survive, and the experienced Naen could give it. When spring comes, should he leave them to their fate and return to the wilds alone, or should he stay with the outlaw dwarves and face the coming onslaught?

Mocked as the King of the Cripples, the epithet could become Naen’s true heritage as the ragged refugees prepare their mine to withstand the vengeance of dwarven kings.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic