The Crimson Rage Collection

by Sam J Fires

Death descended in a stifling red cloud.

For Donna Middleton, this could be a welcome relief from her meaningless life. But first, she has a life to save.

Donna’s bipolar is debilitating. She cannot hold onto a job, can’t keep her friends, and her family’s patience is stretched to their limit. Freshly fired from her job, again, Donna’s contemplating what is the point of it all? But when she’s thrown into the raging eye of the apocalypse, she has a choice. Give in, or help a person in need?

As Los Angeles spirals into chaos, strangers quickly become allies when Donna encounters police officer Jane Benson and movie director wannabe, Eric Landers. Now, the three have no choice but to rely on one another if there’s any hope of surviving the apocalypse.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic