The Crimson Flame

by Ben Wolf

A strange mark…

…a mysterious connection to fire…

…an ancient secret soon revealed.

Aeron failed to stop the Crimson Flame from kidnapping his sister. But as a former wyvern knight, he’s determined to rescue her—and to lay waste to the cult in the process.

When the trail grows cold, Aeron joins forces with a half-troll mercenary, a mage, and an assassin. Together, they take a job for a dark lord that will put them squarely in the Crimson Flame’s line of fire.

And that’s exactly where Aeron wants to be.

The more cultists he can find, the closer he gets to locating his stolen sister…

…and the more of them he can kill.

Faced with a series of deadly choices, Aeron must confront his fate and risk everything to rescue his sister–even if costs him and his fellow mercenaries their lives.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery