The Complete Ronin Trilogy

by Travis Heermann

A fateful duel puts a price on his head… and an ancient sword makes him a legend.

Ken’ishi is a young ronin, a samurai without a master, tossed on the waves of fate and fortune, orphaned as a baby when his parents were murdered.

Amid ruthless crime lords, bloodthirsty demons, and Mongol spies, his only link to his past is Silver Crane, his father’s sword, a blade that holds its secrets close… Such as the secret of the family bloodline. But some secrets best remain kept.

His dream is to find service to a worthy master, but when he falls in love with the wrong woman, his dreams might turn to nightmares. Daggers lurk in the shadows, a barbarian horde lurks just over the horizon, and Ken’ishi will be forced to choose love, honor, or the fate of his very soul.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical