The Complete Lexie Carrigan Chronicles

by S. Usher Evans

Young adult readers around the world have fallen in love with Lexie Carrigan! For a limited time only, get the entire four-book series for just $0.99.

Fifteen-year-old Lexie thought she was pretty normal for a quiet, history-loving, slightly nerdy teenager. But on her birthday, her family drops a bomb – she has magic.

Lexie struggles to control her newfound powers with little help from her family. Far from the brilliant high school student she once was, Lexie can’t even keep from blowing up her nightstand. But when a mysterious stranger shows up with all the right answers, Lexie hopes he’s the answer to her prayers. But the more she finds out about him and her own strange magic, the more she wonders – who is this guy and why is he so invested in helping her?

Previously $9.99

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age