The Complete Genesis Earth Trilogy

by Joe Vasicek

This omnibus edition contains all three books in the Genesis Earth Trilogy.


Michael and Terra never thought that they would be the first human beings to set foot on an alien world. What they discover forces them to question their deepest beliefs about what it means to be human.


Young, fearless, and free, Estee grew up on a planet untouched by man. But all of that changes when a military expedition arrives from Earth to colonize the new world. As the poison of war spreads across Estee’s home, she must unlock the dark secrets of her homeworld’s past to restore both shattered worlds.


As Estee and Khalil search for a way to heal their wounds and restore their homes and family, they must first stop the alien ghost ship and end the temporal paradox that created it. Fortunately, there is always a path to redemption.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera