The Colony Ship Vanguard

by John Thornton

Here is the entire Colony Ship Vanguard series in one omnibus! Excellent sci-fi adventures.
The Earth is nearly dead, and Dome 17, and it is failing. There is a risky plan with unproven technology, to find and use a derelict colony ship as humanity’s last chance at survival.
This is the story of one team, Paul and Gretchen, on this great adventure to the Colony Ship Vanguard. Over 550,000 words, and about 2000 pages.
EIGHT complete novels, and the entire series in one omnibus edition!
Finding the Vanguard (Colony Ship Vanguard Book 1)
Trapped on the Vanguard
Danger on the Vanguard
Searching the Vanguard
Enemy on the Vanguard
Escaping the Vanguard
Defending the Vanguard
Fate of the Vanguard
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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure