The Colony Ship Eschaton

by John Thornton

This is the complete Colony Ship Eschaton series! All ten books an omnibus. Over 1700 pages. Read FREE on KU, or buy now. Sale price for a limited time! AUDIO versions are also available.

Following the thrilling adventures of Jamie and Michael as they leave a dying Earth and try a risky scheme to find a home for the stuggling remnant of humanity. Seven gigantic generational colony ships were launched one hundred years ago, but all are considered lost in the emptiness of interstellar space. Now, they must recover one of those colony ships, or face extinction. Will the plan work?

Recovery of a Colony Ship 1
Exploring the Colony Ship 2
Unknowns of the Colony Ship 3
Hunting on the Colony Ship 4
Mysteries on the Colony Ship 5
Discoveries on the Colony Ship 6
Building the Colony ship 7
Revenge on the Colony Ship 8
Invasion on the Colony Ship 9
Destination of the Colony Ship 10

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure