The Hunter (The Hidden Order of Magic: Shaken Book 1)

by June Leung

As a paranormal investigator with magic, Lia faces the most dangerous monsters that threatened her city.

When the monsters were unleashed in the city, it is Lia and her team’s job to defeat them before more innocents are killed. From finding out where the monsters came from to defeating them, each step will take more from her.

Except, Lia and her team aren’t the only ones planning an attack, the monsters aren’t backing down either. But as she fights each creature, her powers are challenged, and her friends are left at risk while innocents turn up dead.

One man offers his help, but he has his own secret…one that could set her world aflame. Not to mention, the help isn’t free, and Lia’s not sure she’s ready to pay the asking price.

Who is the hunter? Who is the prey? Time will tell…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban