The Cleaner, the Cat and the Space Station

by Fay Abernethy

A heart-warming eco science fantasy adventure, featuring a sparklingly diverse cast and some shape-shifting space demons.
Hanna has survived the years since she left Ethiopia for London by working illegally as a cleaner. When tragedy strikes, help arrives in a surprising form and Hanna is welcomed into an unusual new family: a school for human recruits to the Shantivira, the alien space station which secretly protects the Earth from extra-terrestrial invasion.
When Hanna is invited to train as a pilot herself, she thinks all her problems are solved. But there’s a spy in their midst, reporting to an organisation unconvinced by the Shantivira’s benevolent image. As Hanna discovers more, she must examine her loyalties and make the right decisions to protect her loved ones – and the Earth.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – First Contact