The Chronicles of Dragon Collection : An Epic Dragon Fantasy Adventure

by Craig Halloran

Evil Beware. The son of the Dragon King doesn’t check his temper at the door.

The impulsive youth Nath Dragon knows what he must do to earn his dragon scales. Still trapped in human form, he hunts down the dragon poachers that are killing and enslaving his kin. Accompanied by a dwarf named Brenwar Bolderguild, the brazen warrior clashes against the world full of orcs, elves, ogres, trolls, goblins, and men in order to save his dragon brethren.

But unforeseen dangers lurk in the shadows. The sinister scheme of High Priestess Selene and her dragon master Gorn Grattack threaten all of dragonkind. And in a moment of violent fury, Nath is cursed for all time.

Armed with the magical sword called Fang, Nath sets out on a perilous path toward redemption.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Tail of the Dragon Collector’s Edition

by Craig Halloran

Apocalypse Is Coming
A restless liege, Nath Dragon is bored with his reign and hungry for adventure. So when the fairy empress Lotuus entices him to undertake a great mission, a quest to uncover the secrets of his birth by locating the mother he’s never known, Nath leaps at the opportunity.

But the evil sprite’s motives are far from noble. And while the Dragon King’s attention is elsewhere, a new threat is rising that could tear the world of Nalzambor to pieces.

Previously $9.99