The Children of Never

by Christian Warren Freed


The War Priests have defended the world against the vile Omegri for generations. Staunch defenders of the Purifying Flame, the lone light capable of preventing the darkness from creeping in, they stand the watch for 100 days each year. It is the Burning Season. A time of strife where their power is sorely tested and there are constant dangers let loose in the world.
In the Duchy of Fent the Grey Wanderer has been spotted moving through the mist. Where he goes, bad things follow. Children soon begin to disappear. Whispers of the dead returned to life spread. The Baron is beset by evil and forced to turn to Castle Andrak for aid.
Brother Quinlan and his squire are deployed to Fent in the hopes of solving the mystery of the missing children and stopping the evil from spreading. What he discovers stretches him to the edge of sanity, for evil is never satisfied.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery