The Celtic Prophecy: Books 1 & 2

by Melissa Macfie

She came to Salem to start a new life, but the gods have other plans.

Brenawyn McAllister has come back to the only family she has left, her grandmother, in the fabled city of witches. She learns that her family has an ancient secret, and she is more powerful than she ever thought possible. Her life gets more complicated when she meets the handsome Alexander, but like everyone else in her life, he has a secret and he’s been keeping it for 600 years.

In Book 2, Reliquary’s Choice, with the Coven closing in, Alex flees with Brenawyn to Tir-Na-Nog, even though he knows he is setting her on a path of no return. Brenawyn must say goodbye to her family forever and traverse time. She is the only one who can fulfill an ancient prophecy.

The Celtic Prophecy Book 3, Oracle’s Curse, will be published on December 14, 2017.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends