The Callisto Group and the Journey to Earth

by Michael Westheim

Gayle never thought she would leave Callisto Station. But that day arrived. Returning to Earth was a dream for her parents, but a nightmare for Gayle. She wasn’t alone. She and the rest of the Callisto Group found themselves moving to Earth. There they had to deal with the excessive gravity, school bullies, overcoming open skies, and bad air. Then the worst news came: The Callisto Group was about to be broken up. The only way to prevent that was to pull together as a team. To put their plan into action, they would have to leave their parents behind, perhaps never to see them again. Could they do it? Would they go that far to keep their group intact? Could they avoid the many obstacles set in their way? Read the adventures of Gayle, Alicia, and JJ as they plot their return to their home, Callisto Station.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Callisto Group and the Big, Bad Wolf

by Michael Westheim

The Callisto Group has finally made it back home. Alicia finds that a lot has changed while they were away, and they begin work right away to fix these problems. A big surprise is finding kids from Earth living on Callisto Station. An even bigger surprise was to find that they aren’t alone.

Ryne and his sister Falen find themselves on Callisto Station much against their wishes. They dream of returning to Earth but it may take a while. With the return of the Callisto Group, they find themselves no longer in charge. Can they find a way to get along?

It has long been rumored, but will the discovery of the wolf ruin all their plans? Will the kids find a way to work together to deal with the new intruder?

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