The Bygone Dagger

by Joseph R. Lallo

In a world where arcane contraptions are capable of just about anything, running an antique shop is a dangerous business. Fel Masker knows if the family is going to stay afloat, he’ll have to risk the ancient traps, fierce mystic creatures, and bloodthirsty mercenaries standing between him and his big score. How bad could one little expedition be?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Bygone Archive

by Joseph R. Lallo

Some walls were built for a reason.

Things are looking up for the Masker family. Fel, the adventurer of the clan, has stocked the antiquity shop with valuable contraptions unearthed during his journeys. Sales are strong, customers are happy, life is good. But rival families know the Maskers are unlocking ancient secrets about the arcane devices, and their spies will stop at nothing to have them. The promise of a lost archive sealed within the fabled Greater Lands Wall could give the Maskers the edge to ward off their foes and uncover the wisdom of old.

Fel knows the most precious treasures are protected by the most dangerous traps, but is anyone ready for what the Greater Lands have in store?

Dragons, harpies, kobolds… If Fel Masker wants the secrets of the past, he must face its monsters.

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