The Breath of Aoles (Ardalia, Book One) – Dual Language: English-French

by Alan Spade

One day, Pelmen’s best friend, Teleg, disappears. Lured away by the prospect of untold riches through mining amberrock, the most precious substance in the world, Teleg finds himself a prisoner of the Nylevs, fierce fire-wielding worshippers of the god of destruction.

Now Pelmen must leave all he knows behind, overcome his fears and travel across the land, in search of his childhood friend. Along the way, he will ally himself with strange and fantastic beings: a shaman who controls the Breath of Aoles, or the power of the wind, a krongos, a creature of the mineral realm who can become living rock, and a malian, adept at water magic.

Dual language edition: English-French – Ideally suited for having fun learning French, comprises the French version along with the English one.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic