The Brangus Rebellion

by R.R. Corvi

The Brangus Rebellion: political crime in a plausible future. Sci-Fi for sure, but real. No space travel, no time travel, no aliens, no telepathy. Just the facts.

And the thrills.

2334. The North American Union knows climate catastrophe is historical fact, not speculation: rookie cop Lani Maxwell’s society is founded on attitudes and standards that suppress climate crime. So when she learns an expensive leather shop’s practices are decidedly sub-standard, she investigates. Too bad she learns so late that she is up against her supposedly noble society’s big guys. She will need more than attitude, to survive their violent reaction.

So she looks for more, in her own tragic and violent past. How deep must she dig, and will she find what she needs in time?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic