The Boy Who Knew Demons

by Blazej Dzikowski

From The 7 Rules of the Covenant:

1. Demons live in all man-made things;
2. Demons control all man-made things, they thrive and die with them;
3. A Seer can see the Demons and talk to them and they will answer;
4. But only an Ombudsman can command them to do his bidding;
5. … to be discovered later …
The Boy Who Knew Demons is Book 1 of Hidden Empires, a dark fantasy series inspired by Death Note, Persona and True Detective, and it features:

– urban setting
– secret world of demons
– male lead with hidden superpowers
– rising from an ordinary teenager to (anti?) hero
– learning to become a master of demons.

Blazej Dzikowski is a writer and screenwriter best known for YouTube SF shorts Polish Legends: Allegro and video game Donna: Avenger of Blood, as well as Netflix’s crime series Ultraviolet.

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Category: Dark Fantasy